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Fort Dhamli
Farm Tourism Program - Some Features
¤ Stay in the DHAMLI Village home. Early morning visit the houses to see and feel how the day in the village starts. Men give bath to their Cows and
milk them. The ladies of the house will light their hearths with cow dung and leaves to cook food. The Rajasthan villager farmers plough their fields
with bullocks.
¤ You can walk along the swaying mustard fields, take a ride on a tractor, take the cattle for grazing, feed the cattle or simply sit, relax and gulp
down the fresh buttermilk in the green fields.
¤ Potters collect clay from nearby pond (Chhappar) and make clay Pottery, Surahi and Ghara (vessels for storing water), dishes, jars, etc. Sit and
see the creative ability of the women in Phulkari Embroidery of different design and blending of harmonious colours.
¤ Watch village metal-workers or Lohars casting, soldering and making metal things like Hammer, Sickle, garden tools, pots and common utensils
used in the village kitchen. Visit Carpenters or Tarkhans to see them carving traditional and regional style Doors, Windows, Beds, chairs, tables, etc
out of different Woods. A VILLAGE TOUR Where possible they can try their hand at the crafts.
¤ Learn Rajasthani cooking - Cookery expedition where the guest goes into Kitchen of a village house and prepare the food along with family
members. Be it grinding the wheat flour churning butter making dhai chaas, meat etc. Dal Baati Churma, Methi ke Gatte, Lahsun ki Chutney, Chane
Jaisalmer Ke, Chana Dal Parantha, Makki Paneer Pakoda, Marwadi Gatta Kadi, Ker Sangri, Kesar Murg etc.
¤ Follow the routing of a day in life of shepherd Camel or Goat grazing, herding and collecting of the food for the animals
¤ Teach at one of village Schools sports, English lesson, forging, seamstress etc